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I was born and brought up in the congested labyrinths of Old Delhi, a walled city in India. The criss-cross of the streets in that noisy city is probably the best simile to my own swinging between professional choices both horizontally and vertically.


I love change and no one else is a greater victim of this "dynamism" than myself. Few people would have relished so many  colors of life as me at such a high pace, before I finally fell in love with or discovered my hidden love for Science.

I have a passion for science, but it does not mean I am  a great scientist or have reached the highest level of understanding and achievement in this field. My love for science is not that of a great leader for his country, but of a soldier for his cause. A cause, which only he thinks he has made a choice for!

I love words and am fascinated by the beautiful thoughts, expressed by them. My search for the charm of oratory brought me to try my hand at poetry and some of my best moments have been devoted to sitting alone, thinking and dropping some small pebbles into the unfathomable ocean of imagination. The responding ripples of these wanton strikes have returned in the form of my Urdu (and some English) poetry, some of which appears on this web site.

Outside my home in Osaka (2009)